Bodecker Foundation Workshops

Led by professional artists, writers, musicians, and educators, our FREE creative workshops for high school students include a mix of online group activities and offline individual and/or collaborative project work. Class size is generally limited to 12 students.



Workshop: Truth & Dare Volume 2: Further Experiments in Art & Writing with Laura Moulton

November 3 @ 4:00 PM
In the newest iteration of this popular workshop, we’ll continue to explore work by contemporary artists and writers, generating our own projects both on the page and in the world. Each week you’ll choose one truth and one dare and work toward a final project that will be a culmination…
Workshop Leader: Laura Moulton

Workshop: Intro to Design Thinking & Careers with Mark Smith

November 3 @ 4:00 PM
This workshop is for students enrolled in CTE Design & Applied Arts Intermediate and Advanced level courses including Visual/Studio Arts, Ceramics, Sculpture, Digital Media, and Production Design who are beginning to think about college and career options in the worlds of art and design. Through weekly meetings, individual and group…
Workshop Leader: Mark Smith

Workshop: HOMA with Spencer Garland / BRENDA ARTS

November 30 @ 4:00 PM
In this workshop, students will learn about museums and power structures within the art world through a survey of contemporary Black artists and exhibitions. We’ll create modern art collections in our homes by way of building original work and using digital video to curate and share our HOMA collections. Using…
Workshop Leader: Spencer Garland


Workshop: Surviving Isolation: Zine Making in the Time of Remote Learning with Inés Paulina Ramírez

December 1 @ 4:00 PM
In an era of remote learning, how do we stay creatively connected to our friends, our school communities, and the experience of being a high schooler in 2020? This workshop offers students the opportunity to use multiple forms of creative expression to document and connect with each other at the…
Workshop Leader: Inés Paulina Ramírez
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