Event: Virtual Game Night: The Fellowship

Sat, March 13, 20217:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Bodecker Foundation
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Join the Bodecker Foundation’s Youth Advisory Board for “The Fellowship,” a creative storytelling adventure game, devised just for this event! You are part of a daring Fellowship on a secret quest: Escort a lonely hero across dangerous lands and ensure that the arcane treasure they carry is not found or captured by enemy agents. But this might not be the land you expect! We’ll play with a combination of digital materials, real dice, and imagination. Adventure, mystery, and even romance await along the road. The fate of this Fellowship is in your hands. Let’s go!

  • Darcy Ross

    Darcy Ross (she/her) is a storyteller, snailologist, and tabletop gaming praises-singer. She is the Marketing Manager for Darrington Press and has previously served as the Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games. She has worked with ConTessa to amplify marginalized voices in gaming, and contributed to products such as The Forbidden Library, Your Best Game Ever, Singularity, Burn Bryte (for Roll20), and An Empty Page.

  • Will Hindmarch

    Will Hindmarch (he/him) is a writer, designer, and producer of games, fiction, and other lore. He co-founded Gameplaywright, produces Level Eater Adventures, and writes for games of all stripes. When not working, he's currently learning portrait drawing and calligraphy.


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