Workshop: Developing Song Structure + Demoing with Lizzy Ellison

Mon, July 10, 202310:00 AM
Bodecker Foundation
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In this course, Elisabeth will lead with song-writing techniques to streamline the conceptual beginning stages, teach melody and lyric exercises, and share easy at-home recording techniques for creating the blueprint that will guide you throughout the demoing stage, and later in the recording process.  Some musical knowledge will be beneficial, such as a basic ability with an instrument or vocal.  If you have access to a computer or anything similar, we will be using free software that can be downloaded, but your phone can also work. Once we’ve completed the online portion of the workshop, we’ll be in-person/in-studio to record out your demos and discuss the possibilities when developing your work further.

This course is for songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists interested in collaborating to write, record, produce, and perform.

1 Week / Hybrid

Virtual: Monday July 10 and Tuesday July 11, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

In Person: Wednesday July 12, Thursday July 13, and Friday July 14, 10:00AM  – 4:00PM

  • Lizzy Ellison

    Lizzy Ellison has been a recording/touring musician since 2000. She has put out 7 records, 3 under her moniker, Cardioid, and the previous 4 with Radiation City (PDX). She began teaching workshops as a means to share her experiences from the music industry and build new relationships with folks interested in learning about songwriting, but mostly to get the human connection we all need.


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